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Hey there, I am Lora - freelance photographer based in Sofia Bulgaria, specialized in creating visuals for beauty and lifestyle brands. 

I believe that high-quality content is essential for your business, no matter of the field, and is showing customers that you are serious. Think of it this way - would you buy a product that doesn't have any pictures at all, or if it has them, they are dark, blurry, with poor quality and unrealistic colors? I would not.

Product photography is crucial part of your visual presentation, it helps your customers to know you and your brand better, and it provides more confidence, especially now when online shopping popularity is growing more and more.. 




First off I'll get to know your brand, understand the ‘why’ behind your photoshoot and the purpose of the content. After the initial contact you will receive a creative brief to fill in, for better understanding of the desired style of the photos, colors, reference images, etc.  


After setting up the final details for the images we begin the photoshooting.

In between 3 to 10 working days you will receive a link for an online gallery with sample set of the images of your products to choose from.

Final steps

After the final selection it is time for the post-production process, where all the magic happens!

In between 3 to 5 working days you will receive your final selection of photos, all shiny and bright, via web link for download.


Since each project is different, and each brand is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all price. Therefore, the pricing depends on the type and number of photos, the complexity of execution, the time it will take and the post-processing.


After specifying all the details and deadlines, you will receive a final price offer.

Tropical Leaves


От къде да започна?

Първоначално ще ви изпратим кратък криейтив бриф за попълване, за да можем по-добре да разберем посоката и идеята зад фотосесията. Важно е да напишете всички детайли за които се сетите, за да сме сигурни, че сме на една вълна!

Възстановявате ли заплатените суми?

Поради естеството на работата, възстановяване на заплатените суми след приключване на проекта не се предлага. За това коректното попълване на предварителният бриф е толкова важно.

Връщате ли продуктите след снимките?

Ако искате продуктите да ви бъдат върнати след фотосесията, моля отбележете това при полълването на брифа. В противен случай ги пазим в срок от 30 дена.

Предлагате ли отстъпки в цената?

Ако имате по-голямо количество продукти и искате повече кадри за тях (над 10) можем да предложим отстъпка в крайната цена.

White Sands
Pink Gradient


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